is the invitation to explore  &  realize the deepest dimensions of being.

Your true nature as freedom itself - is naturally open and complete.

real question only arises from: "I don't know".

The freedom to inquire is fading from the world. It's not that the human being doesn't inquire - it's that we inquire with the pretense of concepts, beliefs and notions...all of which are antithetical to freedom.


The mindful adventure isn't about inquiring according to belief, or disbelief - it's meeting oneself where you're at, and telling the truth from that place.

In the willingness to inquire & explore into the Truth of what you are - there's the opportunity for freedom, openness and true satisfaction....
All is You: Total Being.

I'm here to support you in this adventure, if there's a willingness to take the road less travelled - directly to the Truth of your being.

Explore. Contemplate.

Take the opportunity to explore, contemplate and inquire - starting with various topics within the Adventure Series. 

To Prepare for the Adventure


The light of the Sun is choice-less, non-selective. Awareness is like the light shining through and through  - everything seen in this play of existence. The moment this seeing is all-inclusive...there's an insight: "I Am THAT."

As That, Love Is.