Ariel is a "mindful adventurist", as a multidisciplinary artist (painting, photography & creative design), a corporate trainer, a spiritual/meditation guide in one teaching: Knowing Thyself. His body was born in Los Angeles,  and raised in Atlanta and resides on the Mediterranean Coast in Northern Israel. His parents began training him in transcendental meditation from the young age of 6.  Over the span of 30 years his journey has included in-depth explorations - in both theory & practice, of Buddhist & Hindu philosophies, Jewish mysticism, Christianity, Taoism, metaphysics,  and breath-work techniques.  His individual practice has gone through several evolutions of being on a search for God, into a search for himself and from a search for himself, into a loving relationship with all of creation.  In 2008, Ariel discovered Mooji (a well-known master in non-duality) who inspired him to go down the path of self-inquiry. After many years on the path of devotion, and striving for truth, the teachings and meditation methods of Osho Rajneesh catapulted him into a deeper experience of meditation - one that he describes as "beyond theory and knowledge, yet sensed directly through the body". 


From 2016, his self-inquiry deepened and culminated in realizing the Self (he refers to as "the True Nature"). He feels that there are hidden keys within every path that point to the same place: within; however, with the way societies have evolved so many people have lost the sensitivity to the heart, body, mind and spirit through conditioning. His work is in bringing all of the dimensions of oneself to realize One Self as Pure Consciousness, Freedom. He calls this "Mindful Adventures", which he founded to offer spiritual guidance.


Ariel is an avid outdoor enthusiast; he is also trained in survival & sustainability methods, certified in woodland skills & bushcraft leadership (by IOL accredited – Backcountry Survival Scotland,UK); he has a certification from the Transformation Academy in Spiritual Coaching, along with a meditation instructor certification he received just for fun - from the Priority Academy. 

Today, Ariel guides spiritual seekers in rediscovering & remembering their intrinsic nature of peace, freedom and wholeness.  His approach is with love, but no-nonsense, no-fluff. He is a guide of the "pathless path", and he meets people where they're at - regardless of their spiritual background and experience.