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Mindful Leadership & Professional Development Coaching

Whether you're in-between jobs, just starting your career, or you're climbing the ladder towards C-level management, knowing how to be a powerful leader applies across the board. No matter your role or title, we all are responsible for taking the lead in our own lives - both in and out of the workplace. This requires awareness and accessing the innermost depths of self-knowledge in order to navigate life and take conscious, responsible action. My purpose is to provide a coaching experience that helps you realize your own inexhaustible source of peace, power, and potential. From there, being a living demonstration of a leader comes as a package deal.

Together,  we'll engage in a variety of unique mindfulness techniques (from both ancient & modern practices), leadership development tools, and generative self-inquiry - according to the program that is best suited for your needs. ​ 

As your coach in mindful leadership, I provide a one-of-a-kind learning experience that can lead to many self-discoveries, and the potential for unlimited returns of wisdom and insight - all arising from within you. Both your personal and professional life are enriched by the ripple effect. My approach to coaching is founded upon this fundamental principle: A life of awareness, through an undivided heart and mind, is the way to live, learn, love, and lead consciously. 

Other benefits include:

  • Finding your center

  • Accessing your intrinsic capacity to create, articulate, provide, and increase value

  • Identifying & uprooting limiting beliefs and blind spots that hinder growth and prevent you from fully "showing up"

  • Creating & employing strategies for building fruitful relationships and fostering a work environment that is psychologically-safe & inclusive

  • Cultivating and applying the desire to receive for the sake of sharing

  • Sharpening your communication (and presentation skills)

  • Confidence from becoming established in your inner sources of peace, potential, and strength

  • Experiencing major paradigm shifts

Programs & Services

Your immediate needs and long-term goals are of utmost importance. In addition to the learning objectives below, I customize each session to be relevant to your job position, and your personal or professional goals.

All sessions are 75 minutes in duration.


Leadership Essentials
4 sessions / 1 Month / $900

  • Assess and leverage your strengths to identify opportunities for growth

  • Learn best practices in effective communication to build fruitful professional relationships

  • Tap into leadership qualities through powerful exercises, to expand your presence and confidence

  • Learn and apply mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques for stress-management

  • Develop and initiate a plan of action to achieve your goals


Timeless Management
Up to 10 sessions / 3 Months / $2300

Leadership Essentials, plus:


  • Explore the possibilities of your potential to realize your mission & vision

  • Build skills for managing, engaging, and empowering your team(s)

  • Gain the knowledge and technique needed to stop/start time at will, and restore order to scheduling chaos

  • Apply practical Zen methods to sharpen the mind for problem-solving and innovation

  • Develop and initiate plans to "pay-it-forward", and help others realize their potential


The Mindful Leader
Up to 14 sessions / 6 Months / $375

​Timeless Management, plus:

  • Learn and apply skills for strategic leadership and change management

  • Learn how to be a peaceful warrior in challenging business environments, by applying tools from the Art of War, Taoism, and non-dual philosophies


The Peaceful Warrior
Single sessions / 75 min / $350

  • Learn best practices in effective communication to build fruitful professional relationships

  • Learn how to be a peaceful warrior in challenging situations, by applying tools from the Art of War, Taoism, and non-dual philosophies


Great Thinkers
(Problem-Solving & Innovation)
Single sessions / 75 min / $350

  • Discover and access your natural intelligence in "Mushin"/ No-Mind flow states

  • Sharpen the mind for problem-solving and innovation

  • Cultivate the art of discernment for confident decision-making


Mindful Adventures for Teams
5 hr workshop / Up to 15 ppl / $2850

  • Learn the power of relational presence to increase the bond between team members

  • Shift from co-dependent to interdependent team dynamic

  • Participate in team exploration/inquiry/discovery exercises to increase innovative thinking and idea-sharing

UX Design Team

Assessment Tools

Assessing where you're at is an important part of the coaching process. In a way, it's like checking your pulse - what makes your heart beat with passion and why? What motivates or inspires you? And what are the strengths and opportunities that can be leveraged to rise to higher and higher heights? These factors (and more) contribute to the value you provide in your work - and also to the world as a whole. By understanding the full spectrum of your skills and talents, you will know exactly what it is that you do best. And together, we'll explore how to reach your goals and maximize your potential. Therefore, using the most accurate, industry-standard assessment tools, is crucial. 

After your initial consultation, I'll guide you through the process of completing 1 or more of the following assessments:

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Clifton Strengths Assessment (role-specific report)

  • VIA Character Assessment

  • The Leader Competency Inventory (LCI)

  • The Wheel of Life

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